The Kafka Brigade has been highlighted by The Observer as one of a handful of fresh “ideas that can help save the world”. We’re flattered to be cited amongst some great projects! Please see here for the full article.















  • Kafka Brigade

    The Kafka Brigade is called into action when citizens and public servants become tangled in a web of dysfunctional rules, regulations and procedures.

We are an independent, not-for-profit action research team, comprising both academics and professionals. With offices based in Amsterdam and Delft (NL), Cambridge (USA), Budapest, Northern Ireland and Wales, the Kafka Brigade tackles bureaucratic dysfunction through action research. Our focus is on citizens’ needs; our aim is to improve services and increase public value. In short, we help bureaucracies to work better.

Bureaucratic dysfunction prevents governments from achieving their policy aims, it frustrates committed public servants, and it exacerbates injustice by limiting the effectiveness of citizens’ services. It is demoralizing and it is expensive.

Why we are committed to tackling bureaucratic dysfunction

The symptoms of bureaucratic dysfunction are often long-standing, complex and multi-layered, cutting across agencies and organizations; together, they prevent the effective delivery of services, goods and obligations to citizens, sometimes exacerbating the very social problems the bureaucracy is tasked to resolve. We see the failure to address bureaucratic dysfunction as a public policy issue, and the will to resolve it – a moral obligation.

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