About Us

The Kafka Brigade is an independent, not-for-profit action research team dedicated to reducing red tape for citizens and businesses.

The Kafka Brigade has been active in the UK since 2008 and has now established a dedicated UK team who work to reduce bureaucracy and increase the value delivered by public services.


The key team members for our UK work are:-

Kafka Brigade UK Team

Kafka Brigade UK Team


  • Megan Mathias. Megan is Director and co-founder of Kafka Brigade UK. She combines a decade of management consultancy experience across public services in the UK and USA with three years as an insider, working as a senior civil servant on public service innovation and improvement for the Welsh Assembly Government.
  • Irwin Turbitt. Irwin is co-founder and senior researcher for the Kafka Brigade UK, alongside being a senior fellow at Warwick University’s Institute of Governance and Public Management. Irwin retired from the Police Service of Northern Ireland as an Assistant Chief Constable in June 2006 on completion of a secondment to the Home Office.
  • Anna Henderson. Anna is project coordinator for Kafka Brigade UK. With a PhD awarded on scholarship by the University of Bristol, she brings a systems perspective to her work with the Kafka Brigade. A fluent Welsh speaker, Anna has worked in private, public and voluntary sectors, in both policy and communications roles, most recently as project manager for the Welsh Government.

The UK team currently operates as a network of committed and like-minded action researchers. We are also able to draw on our Dutch Kafka Brigade colleagues, or on our local reserve of affiliated professionals from both academic and private sectors, as and when there is a need for specific expertise or greater operational capacity. Our focus remains always on helping citizens and our clients.


Our core Dutch team comprises of:-

Kafka Brigade Dutch Team

  • Lobke van der Meulen. Lobke is Director of the Netherlands Kafka Brigade team.
  • Chris Sigaloff. Chris is a board-member of Kafkabrigade Netherlands and is Director of Knowledgeland, an independant think-tank in the Netherlands where she leads projects across education and the public sector.
  • Jorrit de Jong. Jorrit is co-founder and senior researcher for the Kafka Brigade, and is currently a resident research fellow at the Ash Institute at the Harvard Kennedy School, and senior lecturer at VU University, Amsterdam


Breaking through bureaucracy: involving the citizen; empowering front line staff; unleashing change.


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