Current projects

A selection of current projects that we’re involved with in the UK

Please bear in mind that when projects are live, we share only an outline summary of each; we’ll wait until project completion before publicising further detail.

  • Engaging wheelchair service users. We are working with the Artificial Limb and Appliance Service in Wales to understand the typical experience of their service users, feeding in to their ongoing improvement programme.
  • Rethinking support for 18-24 year olds seeking work, training or education. In the current economic climate, it’s increasingly hard to support young people into good long-term jobs. What more can be done with the collective resources of a city?
  • Understanding the in-patient experience. We are working with a Local Health Board to document the real patient journey, and to envision how an improved journey can sit at the heart of NHS reforms.
A selection of recently completed projects:
  • Understanding the experience of young parents. We are working on a short project with agencies in Swansea to take stock of actions so far to improve support for young parents and to confirm next steps.
  • Understanding the funded student experience in Edinburgh. Having led research into typical student experiences, we are now supporting Edinburgh’s colleges to make improvements through light-touch stocktake sessions.
  • Doncaster domestic abuse strategy. We are working with the NPSCC to develop Doncaster’s next domestic abuse strategy.
  • Improving non-emergency patient  transport (NEPT)We are leading a short Field Lab to improve the end-to-end patient journey for typical NEPT users.
  • Early analysis of new programmes for vulnerable families. In partnership with the NSPCC, we are assessing the operational ‘fit’ between the Integrated Families Support Service and Familes First policies in Wales.


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