Kafka School

Kafka School

The Kafka Brigade is dedicated to sharing learning through problem-focussed executive & professional education. We design and lead development programmes for public servants at all levels, equipping them to see their work from the perspective of the citizen and user. We employ a range of methods:

Participative field labs. We lead staff teams through a project applying the Kafka Method to a real, relevant problem for their organisation. As well as being exposed to practical techniques, staff are engaged in reflective learning at key stages through the project. With practice, staff become able to apply to Kafka Method with less and less external support.

Organisational development projects. The purpose of OD projects is to increase the capacity of an organisation to recognise and tackle bureaucratic dysfunction. We coach  small groups of employees firstly to identify problems caused by the organisation itself. We then help them to experiment safely to resolve or reduce the problem.

Kafka in higher education: the Kafka Brigade develops teaching materials and programmes for teachers and students in higher education.

Simulation games: the Kafka Brigade has designed a number of simulation games which are used in our teaching. A Kafkaesque problem is presented to the participants; each participant is given a role and asked to work on the problem; after the role-play the Kafka Brigade helps the participants to analyse the game: what happened? Why? What happened as a result? Crucially, we then help participants to translate their learning back to their own work.


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