By Megan Mathias

In January, I was invited to contribute to a postgraduate Leadership for Collaboration course for public service managers, led by Bangor University and the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff. I’ve been lucky enough to research and work on innovations in government quite extensively over the past few years, and was delighted to be asked to give an overview and case study – though squeezing it into two hours was a challenge!

I’m a great believer in research and evidence – and touched upon some of the key ideas underpinning the Kafka Brigade philosophy. Sometimes, however, the best way to grab people’s interest is with a remarkable story. The story of Antanas Mockus is one of those. As Mayor of Bogota, he described his position as being in charge of a “6.5 million person classroom”, and applied a series of bold social experiments (mime artists to improve traffic safety, anyone?).  See a recent article on him here.